Hi – I am Steve Chadwick and welcome to my website. I hope you enjoyed looking through a few of my photos. I focus in two areas of photography – sports and natural light portraiture (nationally recognized for my senior photos). Let me share a bit about myself below or check out this article from AZ Foothills as a trendsetter.

Who am I?

I grew up in the Midwest and enjoyed photography from a very young age. I started shooting with film cameras and doing my own film development in high school. I went to college and earned a MS in Chem Eng and a Doctorate in Computer Science. I met my wife in college and we have three wonderful children. My work at Intel has allowed us to move around the US as well as live abroad. We are very thankful for these opportunities to interact with so many different people of the world. This is me via my Linked-In profile.

As my kids grew older and we put down roots in Chandler, AZ. I wanted to continue to participate in my children’s sports and photography enabled this interaction. I always took my camera to their games and this later turned into me photographing for the local high school as a way to serve the community. I currently have a son at ASU, and a daughter at Arizona College Prep high school and one more at San Tan Elementary. Photography has also been a great way to give back to the school and community. Here are the Chadwick’s at Senior night.

Why Do This?

I love photographing sporting events for the local high school. My goal is to ensure that every athlete gets at least one great picture of them on the field. I hope they can carry that photo with them for the rest of their life. This is me below with the seniors from Arizona College Prep. This is the last game before the play-offs. The seniors all did the camera pose as a thank you.


Over the last several years I have picked up portrait photography. It’s a lot different than sports photography and I love the challenge. It’s great when you capture a personality in a photo and you see the delight in someone’s eyes. That’s my goal with every portrait – to deliver that image to someone where they feel their personality is truly captured. I have also been recognized nationally for my teen and senior portrait work with 64 IG Features from 15 different groups.

My Approach

My approach is simple. I like to talk about what type of picture someone wants taken. In sports photography, there isn’t too much to be said. “Did you get that goal?” or “Did you get that pick 6.” Portraits are a bit trickier. My approach is to talk ahead of time. Where do you want the picture taken? What do you want to convey? Then we simply walk, talk and shoot some pictures. The experience is relaxing and very enjoyable.

Portraits are Quality Focused Not Volume

So many photographers shoot large portrait galleries and give this to the client. Oftentimes presets are applied in bulk to these galleries. Every photograph is treated the same. Oftentimes photos are either bleached out or over-exposed and as a result the skin tones and texture are often lost. I am not this type of photographer.

My focus is delivering quality photos. During a session I often shoot 200-300 images and then I have the client walk through the gallery and pick the very best images. This approach gives the client a huge selection and allows truly magnificent photos to be identified. Each picture is then addressed individually. Skin retains its texture and color. The end result is an amazing portrait – never adjusted beyond what looks natural. You will always recognize the person in the photo! Please look through my portfolio as it speaks to my approach and style. I suspect that once you see the images you can determine if I am the right photographer for you!