Senior Collaboration

Hi – so you got this web-page that means I have reached out and I have asked you or someone in your family to collaborate. The next step is answering the common questions that always bubble up. You probably want to know what is this all about. Here is the scoop. I am trying to establish myself as a senior photographer in the south side of the valley (Chandler, Gilbert, etc.).  I am working to broaden my photography portfolio and establishing myself at some of the bigger high schools.  I currently shoot for Arizona College Prep where my wife and I have two kids in high school sports (I am a father of a son and two daughters). I have found that the best way to get my name out there is to work with current students that have large Instagram following as a way to show-case my work.

Essentially I am offering a free mini portrait photo session. I need roughly an hour of time to generate some terrific portraits in a location like downtown Chandler/Gilbert or somewhere similar.  In return for your time, you would receive 6 to 8 professional grade photos that are fully edited (post processed).  Post processed means you will be blemish free upon completion – I have yet to meet a teenager has perfect skin… 

In return and what I get out of this… My ask is that if you liked the results that the pictures are posted on Instagram and I am tagged on the first image. This is the best form of advertisement and helps me get my name out there. I would also use the photos on my webpage and IG account to further expand my portfolio and showcase my work.

If you want to check out my work, please click on the seniors section of this website.  

Here is the link that every parent wants to to see – it’s who I am professionally with my credentials.  LinkedIn: 

Here is my IG link.  I normally photograph the ACP sports and most of the students know me there.  So if you know any athletes (esp. football or cheer) from ACP, they could act as a reference. Also on my webpage please see the references section

Please let me know if I can answer any additional questions. 


Steve Chadwick