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Photo Delivery and Post Processing

  1. Must be following SteveChadwickPhotography on IG.
  2. SteveChadwickPhotography delivers “proofs” within 72 hours of the photoshoot.
  3. The client to select (“heart”) the pictures that they would like retained.  
  4. Initial edits normally occur within 1 week of the photo selection date, often sooner.

Photo Selection and IG Posting

  1. After initial selection or “hearting” of the proofs, the client will comment or identify their top 2 photos that will be edited.  
    • Please do not ask for edits of photos that will not be posted on IG.
    • Initial # of photos may be reduced based on previous history with the client
  2. These 2 images must be posted to the IG feed (not story) within 3 months of the shoot.
  3. Tagging: should occur on the first image with @SteveChadwickPhotography (not in the comments, but on the image)
  4. What if I don’t like the photos? There is no obligation to post any photos that are not liked. However, the client should not ask for any edits or seek copies of the photos in this situation.


Cancellation Policy